Amanda Markert


LCPC Candidate

Amanda received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Montana, and her Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Colorado. Her experience includes counseling positions at the YWCA-Missoula, the Abbie Shelter, and the Montana Crisis Recovery hotline. Working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance use disorder has greatly informed how she approaches helping others.

Amanda believes every person possesses innate wisdom, which can be harnessed to lead a more balanced and meaningful life. With this in mind, she works with individuals to foster a better understanding of emotions and patterns to promote behavioral change and personal empowerment. Counseling is effective, in part, because it provides a unique environment for individuals to unpack their fears, struggles, opinions, and hopes without judgment or rejection. Amanda is passionate about meeting clients exactly where they are and providing said environment. She believes recovery is synonymous with healing, and healing is achieved through connection, introspection, and building resiliency.

Amanda loves to spend her free time connecting with friends and family—preferably on her mountain bike or skis. She is an avid reader and enjoys learning about people, places, and cultures around the world.

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